What’s going on here?

I wanted to provide others with brief but use-able information about RV products that are being offered to those of us enjoying this form of recreation and lifestyle.  These are products I’ve experienced and wanted to pass on to others the value, or lack there of, that I discovered during their use.  These are only my experience and every nuance of the products is not included but I wanted to provide some information you would find useful.  We are flooded with products looking for our money and everyone wants a useful product that adds ease, safety, fun, comfort and security, to the RV lifestyle.  Some of the reviews are on small items with low cost while other products may make us scratch our heads.  Some are costly, some we don’t really need….but might find functional and useful.  In the eye of the beholder… as they say.  Due diligence is always important, especially in expensive items but I’m hoping to provide some finger pointing at products I feel are of quality and serve a useful purpose.  I want to provide some guidance and I hope that gets accomplished.  Louise, my editor, partner… and myself spending some R&R at Cape Cod in New England.

George Bogosian

Pittsfield, NHIMG_2818