RV Sunscreens

      These sunscreens are a saving grace item when you can’t set you RV to protect you from the an afternoon blistering sun.  They do a great job without completely blocking your view. They are fairly lightweight being 100% polypropylene and reinforced with nylon thread.  The screens are constructed with woven UV treated … [Read more…]

Crown Deep Cycle 6 Volt Batteries

Crown Deep Cell 6 volt Batteries There seems to be way too many deep cycle 6 volt battery choices.  Trojan T-105 (225 amp hours) and Crown CR-220 (220 amp hrs) batteries are in the same quality category.  I think it’s a toss-up on which to choose for your solar array.  They are considered deep cell … [Read more…]

Ultra-Fab 3502 Electric Tongue Jack

Ultra-Fab 3502 Electric Tongue Jack I have an Ultra-Fab Products 3502 electric tongue jack.  It’s been one of the best upgrades I’ve done to my trailer.   My trailer came without an electric jack…an oversight on my part.  It has reduced the exertion in hooking and unhooking my trailer from the hitch and on the hot … [Read more…]

Master Lock

  I like the quality of Master lock products.  They often cost a little more, but security in a locking system is what I’m looking for in a lock and cable to secure my “stuff” so I’ll leave short cuts for something else.  I use a Master Lock Quantum 6 foot cable with a combination … [Read more…]

Small Converter

Power Converter for your RV      Depending on your power needs and the total wattage of your solar panels, an inexpensive converter may be possible.  If you’re boon dogging and have some solar panels using a converter converts the 12 volt batteries (two 6 volts wired in series) into 120 volts AC.  Running your lights, … [Read more…]

Equalizer Hitch

Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch I own this hitch and recognize the bias I may have in this review.  But I dislike products that don’t function as promised and this hitch is well made and delivers performance.  You chose one of their four units based on the maximum loaded trailer weight and maximum loaded tongue weight.  … [Read more…]

ADCO RV Covers

ADCO RV Covers     This will be our fifth year with our ADCO cover, but it took some repairs using a sewing machine and some backing material to keep it functioning properly.  The worst culprit was the water spouts on the roof at each corner that protrudes out 4 inches.  Overall the cover has done … [Read more…]

AL-Ko axle Wheel Bearings

AL-KO Wheel Bearings Wheel bearings create a certain haze in my mind.  I understand their value and function but please don’t ask me to explain their design.  I’m leaving that to the engineers.  The proper maintenance is important to the life of your bearings… and the savings in your wallet.  You can  “repack the inner … [Read more…]

Air Conditioner Capacitor Upgrage

Air Conditioner Capacitor upgrade     When I was considering a generation for my trailer to run my air condition I changed the capacitor to help with start up. It’s referred to as a “hard start capacitor kit” priced around $15.   Its purpose is to reduce the load on the generator and get the air up … [Read more…]

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator

Champion 3100 Watt Inverter Generator The Champion 3100 watt inverter generator with 2800 rated watts will run a 13,500 BTU air conditioner.  OK, this review is over!   Well, maybe a little more information.  I own this unit and it is a great generator for the price ($900 on sale) and function.   As many of us … [Read more…]