Crown Deep Cycle 6 Volt Batteries

Crown Deep Cell 6 volt Batteries

There seems to be way too many deep cycle 6 volt battery choices.  Trojan T-105 (225 amp hours) and Crown CR-220 (220 amp hrs) batteries are in the same quality category.  I think it’s a toss-up on which to choose for your solar array.  They are considered deep cell golf cart batteries.  The Crown CR-220 comes in at 60 lbs. and the Trojan at 62 lbs.  I had every intention of purchasing the Trojans but my local golf cart business had a boat load of Crowns and I ended up with two. The price was the same.  I chose the Crown CR-220 because they were very similar specs as the Trojan T-105.  They’re hook up in series to provide 12 volts of power for my 200 watt solar display on my trailer roof. (soon to be 300 watts) The Crowns offered the standard type terminals.  One was standard automotive connection and the other a threaded stainless steel stud which allowed me to easily attach my auxiliary items ie, trailer jack, charge controller.  The specs for both batteries are very close and although Trojan batteries come with great reviews the Crown batteries have also been around for years and also have impressive reviews and performance numbers.  It’s a toss up to me as to which to purchase.  We, or maybe I, often focus on a particular company with great reviews and stop our due diligence.  When products are of similar quality I believe the longevity and performance often comes from proper maintenance.  Check the water levels and add distilled water if low.  I use a hydrometer to check each cell every two months.  And that’s our responsibility.  The Trojans were an easy choice because of their reputation but there are alternatives and the Crown batteries should be considered.  They don’t appear to be lacking. I’m only one year into them….so time will tell.  You can do some discovery at  Power on.      

George Bogosian

Pittsfield, NH

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