Fitbit Flex Fitness Bracelet

Fitness bracelets.  RVers need good health too! Well, here’s something I thought I’d never own.  I’ll blame Louise because she said she wanted one so I ordered a knock off bracelet for $15, shipping included,  (I can be so cheap) and was prepared to order a brand name if failure appeared.  Well, she ordered herself … [Read more…]

Genesis Technologies GT-2.0 Radio

Genesis Technologies GT-2.0 Electronics, in general, are often a combination of delight and frustration. They’re great when they work properly and that’s how the Genesis GT-2 worked when I installed it in my camping trailer. It’s a great replacement for the ZX75 which had been a problem-child and not functioning properly.  To install the GT2 … [Read more…]

NU Finish Polish

Nu Finish Polish   I’ve used this product for years and have found it to perform as advertised.  $10 gets you a 16 oz (473ml) bottle of Nu finish.  It contains no wax.   I’ve used it by hand with a round pad applicator and also with a inexpensive ($30) electric polisher/buffer from Sears.  The water … [Read more…]

Wingman Antenna Accessory

Wingman Antenna Accessory Here’s a simple inexpensive TV addition for those of you with a Winegard  Sensar, “bat wing”, antenna.  For around $35 you can add this easy to install accessory that will improve you digital programming that you’re picking up free from your surrounding airway.  It made a difference when I installed (2 screws) … [Read more…]


When I first viewed the HitchGrip I, like many others thought, “Wish I had thought of that!” Lifting larger hitches can be difficult. HitchGrip helps in solving the problem but…the darn things are still heavy! I wanted to use it with my spring arms attached to the hitch…and that is how I used HitchGrip. I … [Read more…]

Solar Panels for Your RV

Putting solar panels on your roof doesn’t have to be a complicated or difficult project. Two hundred watts (2 panels) of solar will run you lights, TV, radio and charge your phones and tablets. Now this is where I could go on about all the options and directions you could take but I leave it … [Read more…]