Ultra-Fab 3502 Electric Tongue Jack

Ultra-Fab 3502 Electric Tongue Jack

I have an Ultra-Fab Products 3502 electric tongue jack.  It’s been one of the best upgrades I’ve done to my trailer.   My trailer came without an electric jack…an oversight on my part.  It has reduced the exertion in hooking and unhooking my trailer from the hitch and on the hot days it saves me from sweating and having to change my shirt.  Ha!  For me it was well worth the $175 I paid for the jack.  It has an 18” travel and it has a 3500lbs continuous vertical load with 5000lbs instantaneous tongue breakaway capacity.  I was able to install the jack myself (three bolts  and mounting plate lined up with my existing hand crank jack) and it was a simple procedure.  It required some wiring to my battery and I installed a fuse in the line to help with any shorts that may occur.  This is not an expensive jack, so internal parts may not be the best, but I saw no plastic gears or parts.  I treat it with kid gloves and I don’t over use the motor near the top and bottom of its limits. “The operator should stop the jack before reaching the travel limit”, says the instructions.  There is an over load protection for the jack to shut off power and will auto reset in 15 seconds.    It can be raised and lowered by manual operation. It comes with a removable plug cap to insert the 9/16” deep well socket to raise and lower the trailer.  You’ll need your own 3/8” ratchet.  If you installed a fuse be sure to remove it during manual operation.

The company recommends yearly lubrication (mine had a ton of lubrication in place and I simply move it onto the gears) and instructions are included to accomplish that task.  This is an easy job for DIY folks.  I like the two small side lights you can switch on to illuminate the area.  This Untra-Fab 3502 electric tongue jack product has worked well for me for three years and it has done its job without failure.  That’s all I want in a product… so for that I recommend it.  You can spend a lot more for a jack but I like to spend what’s necessary… but not more… if I can avoid it.

George Bogosian

Pittsfield, NH

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