Small Converter

Power Converter for your RV

     Depending on your power needs and the total wattage of your solar panels, an inexpensive converter may be possible.  If you’re boon dogging and have some solar panels using a converter converts the 12 volt batteries (two 6 volts wired in series) into 120 volts AC.  Running your lights, TV, radio, and charging your phone, ipad, and e-reader may only require a 400-600 watt converter.  You can purchase a larger inverter for future needs but a smaller unit may be all that you need to meet your present needs.  I purchased a 410 watt Schumacher converter for $35.  I have two 6 volt batteries wired in series to create a 12 volt system providing my off grid power.  I also have a 3100 watt generator when the AC is needed.  The small converter is quiet, small, has two 110 outlets.  It’s not a pure sine converter but I’m not using a laptop computer these days so I’m not concerned about the electrical quality.  It’s best to have all your components within a foot or two to reduce power loss with the wire connections.  There’s lot of info about wire size, but the bigger the better is the rule; 4-6 gage is best; I used 8 gage.  My summation is that you don’t need a large expensive power system to get some basic electrical needs met. You can begin by keeping it simple. It was a DIY system and I’m no genius.  There’s plenty of time to make your life confusing.

George Bogosian

Pittsfield, NH

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