Master Lock


I like the quality of Master lock products.  They often cost a little more, but security in a locking system is what I’m looking for in a lock and cable to secure my “stuff” so I’ll leave short cuts for something else.  I use a Master Lock Quantum 6 foot cable with a combination lock to secure my generator to my trailer bumper.  You can purchase a cable and lock that uses a key, but I like the combination concept as I don’t need to find the key.  The cable is 5/16” braided steel with a vinyl coating.  I’m a little embarrassed that I feel the need to lock up my generator, but I’d like to discourage and dissuade someone from helping themselves to my things.  The cable is not indestructible but merely a deterrent and provides a possible thief time to rethink his/her intentions.

Master lock cable

I also purchased a 4 foot 5/16 cable with looped ends so I could extend the reach of the lock and cable.  So that makes a total of 10 feet of “high performance” cable available to me to secure my generator.  If I could have found a larger cable diameter I would have done so but I was not able to find one locally.  My Master Lock is sold as a bike security cable.  Did I mention the cable is self coiling when it’s not in use…who in the company thought that was a sales pitch?!  Hey…I like the quality of the product and I do recommend Master Lock.

George Bogosian  Pittsfield, NH


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