Genesis Technologies GT-2.0 Radio

Genesis Technologies GT-2.0

Electronics, in general, are often a combination of delight and frustration. They’re great when they work properly and that’s how the Genesis GT-2 worked when I installed it in my camping trailer. It’s a great replacement for the ZX75 which had been a problem-child and not functioning properly.  To install the GT2 I had to enlarge the height by ½ inch and I needed to have 5 inches of space behind the player. That new depth is needed because the disc player is now horizontal and requires that extra depth for installment.  All the wiring that existed for the ZX75 plugged right in the GT-2; it didn’t require any new wiring.  That was a delight.  I was able to handle the installation myself.  The Bluetooth also worked without any new wiring and I was able to make phone calls and stream music from my iphone.  The disc player played both my videos and music discs. The remote also has functions that are only available using the remote i.e. delayed turn off, on function and some MP3 track selection.  I like having a USB port on the front of the unit to charge my phone and tablet.  Having the SD port to utilize my photos or music I have on my SD chip is a plus and an upgrade from the ZX75 model.  The GT-2 does not have an HDMI input.  I used RCA cables from my TV to the unit to get my trailer speakers to function. It worked great.   It does have an optical cable option and I may utilize that at a later date.  There are other function possibilities with this unit.  You should check it out.

The GT-2 has been working properly with all functions doing their job.  What a pleasure! Score one for electronics.  I’d now like to upgrade my speakers.

George Bogosian

Pittsfield, NH

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