Equalizer Hitch

Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch

I own this hitch and recognize the bias I may have in this review.  But I dislike products that don’t function as promised and this hitch is well made and delivers performance.  You chose one of their four units based on the maximum loaded trailer weight and maximum loaded tongue weight.  I realize their reputation is high in the hitch field, but reputation can get lost in the company hype.  This product delivers.  Heavy steel, brackets, bolts, pins make up the parts and I see no short cuts taken in producing this product.  In the world of often marginal products it’s nice to see a company leaving short cuts to someone else.  The hitch weighs 50 lbs and the two spring arms come in at 20 lbs each.  I use a Hitchgrip (another review) to lift the hitch into my tow vehicle.  I leave the spring arms attached (90lbs) when I install the hitch.  A quality sway control hitch can play a huge part of your safety when you’re rolling down the road.  Weight distribution with your tow vehicle and minimizing sway of the trailer is high on my radar for safe travels.  This hitch helps to minimize shake, rattle and roll.  I feel safer… and I am safer.

These hitches are expensive and I know many of you don’t use one but I ask you to consider the safety it would add to your journeys.  Even though I’m do- it- yourself kind of guy I had my hitch professionally installed.  I didn’t want any oops moments.  The parts installation is easy; it’s the adjustments for your specific trailer and tow vehicle that’s curcial.  That being said the owner’s manual comes with through directions for installation.  The set up is important so you need to be sure that’s done correctly or the function will be compromised.  Enjoy your travels… and be safe out there.

George Bogosian

Pittsfield, NH

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