Air Conditioner Capacitor Upgrage

Air Conditioner Capacitor upgrade

    When I was considering a generation for my trailer to run my air condition I changed the capacitor to help with start up. It’s referred to as a “hard start capacitor kit” priced around $15.   Its purpose is to reduce the load on the generator and get the air up and running quickly.  With higher temperatures and humidity there is more stress on starting the AC unit.  The capacitor creates a boost of current to the compressor while reducing less wear and tear on the electronics of your equipment.  The capacitor simply kit creates more power to start the unit.  I’m not an AC expert and this info came from my search of this issue.  I knew that underpowered generator could cause damage to my AC unit and one solution other than a larger generator was changing out the capacitor on the AC.  My Champion 3100 watt inverter generator runs the 13,500 BTU AC with no problems and I hope to think that the hard star kit is helping to start up my AC and reduce problems.


 I like to think it’s helping.  I did the install myself.  You can find information on the schematic info sheet found under the cover hood of the AC on your RV roof.  It will outline where the capacitor can be attached.  You need to size the capacitor based on your unit and BTU output.   The capacitors can be purchased on line. I used the Supco company. I wanted to bring to your awareness this possibility and there is amble information on line dealing with installation. 

George Bogosian

Pittsfield, NH

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