ADCO RV Covers

ADCO coverADCO RV Covers

    This will be our fifth year with our ADCO cover, but it took some repairs using a sewing machine and some backing material to keep it functioning properly.  The worst culprit was the water spouts on the roof at each corner that protrudes out 4 inches.  Overall the cover has done its job and I would recommend it to others and we will purchase another once this one comes apart and is no longer being protective for our trailer.  It cost $165 in 2011 from RV Wholesalers.  There are different models offered by the company and you choose your model based on your location and the weather conditions your RV will be subjected to during your off season. We purchased an Aqua Shed model designed for our climate with moderate UV.   ADCO says the cover is not waterproof.  They say that in order to prevent mildewing from moisture penetration the cover needs to be breathable.  It is a breathable cover concept.  They make covers for all type or RVs’.  The website ( allows you to view their products and find your cover options and model; but you’ll have to purchase from one of their dealers and there are many of those nationally.

  The zippered entry doors create access when I need to enter the RV.  I do like the nylon straps and buckles that go under the rig and helps in securing the cover.  It does come with a two year warranty.  That at least is showing confidence in their product. 

Be careful of using a non breathable tarp as it may cause more damage with trapped moisture.  A breathable cover is your best bet unless you have inside storage, but that only makes me envious.  This has been an RV cover-up.

George Bogosian

Pittsfield, NH

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