Fitbit Flex Fitness Bracelet

Fitness bracelets.  RVers need good health too!

Well, here’s something I thought I’d never own.  I’ll blame Louise because she said she wanted one so I ordered a knock off bracelet for $15, shipping included,  (I can be so cheap) and was prepared to order a brand name if failure appeared.  Well, she ordered herself a Fitbit bracelet ($90) unit for herself un-be known to me.   So much for my surprise for her!  Guess who ended up with the $15 bracelet?

Both are comfortable to wear and we’re able to compare notes and abilities with the bracelets.  Both units seem to provide similar functionality. Sleep plays a pivotal part of our health and the calculating your sleep hours both deep sleep and light sleep and their durations I have found interesting and maybe the most useful.  I can’t fool myself about my sleep times with these units and it allows me to adjust my bedtime hours.

Tracking my daily steps, the other main function, and the calories I burn are calculated in some mysterious manner and transferred to the app on my phone I had downloaded to my phone.  The apps are free. There are apps for both iphones and android phones.  It all has worked seamlessly for both of us.  The setup is minimal… but the use is yet to be determined.  What will I do with this new information I receive daily and totaled weekly in graph form.  These units do not have the heart monitoring ability; those come on the more expensive units.  So if you’re a runner or exercise heavily and need or want to know your heart rate you will need to purchase one of these units.

cheap fitness bracelet   George’s cheap…I mean…inexpensive fitness bracelet.

We have black units, but Louise’s more expensive bracelet allows you to purchase other color brackets to keep yourself in fashion.  I’m happy with my black unit.  I hope to use this new found information to improve and maintain better health.  You need to take this information as estimates and not the absolute truths.  You can sit and twirl your arm (both units) and add steps to your daily totals.  But they do provide you with I believe to be useful info about your daily physical activity and your sleep durations and patterns.  The value comes with what you do with that information.  It will not prepare meals for you but it could help you make good choices for yourself and help keep your health on track.  The bracelets have created a focus for us both to use to improve our health.   Be prepared to have a little fun with this concept and new toy.

UPDATE:  My very fit bracelet ($15) only keeps good time.  All other functions are not accurate. (sleep tracking seems to function)  I walk two miles in the morning and it says I’ve gone .25 of a mile.  From Louise’s Fitbit the difference is 400 steps difference in two miles between our bracelets.  That’s not horrible.  If the mileage was nearly accurate it might be acceptable, but it’s too far off.  I’m done with mine. It won’t be useful.

George Bogosian

Pittsfield, NH

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