Solar Panels for Your RV

Putting solar panels on your roof doesn’t have to be a complicated or difficult project. Two hundred watts (2 panels) of solar will run you lights, TV, radio and charge your phones and tablets. Now this is where I could go on about all the options and directions you could take but I leave it up to you to explore all the possibilities. That journey can be interesting and enlightening, as with most travels of discovery. This kit I’m talking about will work and provide some power for your rig. I consider it a minimal wattage install with a smallish price and useable functionality.
I have installed 200 watts on my trailer roof and I can tell you that with 2 batteries, 2 panels, 1 charge controller, 1 inverter you can have some useful and basic solar power that will function in your RV for less than $700 (2015). This kit is from the company Renogy. They provide solar solutions for a number of applications for residential and commercial projects. I wanted value…you know, a combination or quality and price. I didn’t want the cheapest products available. I wanted the long haul. My due diligence lead me to Renogy and I’m delighted with their products and price. Their panels are quality units and receive good reviews. I did the installation myself. It was not difficult. I took my time and enjoyed the personal satisfaction of installing. I made my own mounting brackets and arms for angling the panels. I bought that aluminum angle and flat stock material at my local hardware store and cut them to fit; but you can use the brackets they provide.
There are lots of kits on the market, some better than others, you know, the usual opportunities. The Renogy products have the quality and pricing that makes the solar option possible. Let the sun shine on.
George Bogosian
Pittsfield, NH

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